Professional Me.

I am a multi-disciplined designer, programmer and creative leader with over 15 years experience in various industries and trades. I've had the pleasure of working in game design studios working on AAA blockbuster titles, 3D visualization studios virtualizing the next new products and environments, graphic design shops working on branding and promotional material, web studios creating interactive media and apps,  advertising firms on powerful new media marketing, and a virtual education power-house developing the next, cutting edge learning for tomorrow's youth. My experience ranges from the lower level pion to leadership and project management.

I am currently an leading a team of product developers creating innovative learning platforms. 

“For the wise man looks into space and he knows there are no limited dimensions.” - Lao Tzu

Personal Me.

I love design. I love creating things. I love engaging people with interactive media. I love creating experiences and telling stories whether it is on a computer screen, mobile device or television.

 I am a father, and a husband. I am a critic of all things normal and believe that everything can be done better and more efficiently. I am perpetually negative for positive sake (it annoys the hell out of my wife). I spend my free time learning about the psychology of mankind and working on a multitude of personal pet projects.

“Go ninja, go ninja, go!” - Vanilla Ice