Award-winning creative leader and innovation consultant driven to develop high quality experiences in all technology spaces. 10+ Years experience designing cutting edge solutions for new products and services. Designer. Programmer. Consultant on a better way.


Creative Leadership

I am experienced at leading creative direction and execution in numerous industries including visualization, web, app development, advertising, education and game development. I have a proven track-record for producing engaging experiences for all digital mediums.

Innovation Specialist

In my 15+ years of experience I have developed a keen ability to analyze business needs and their market in order to design unique new products and services. I have directly led the ideation, design and execution of several new products ranging from unique app experiences, gamified solutions, interactive media and artificially powered intelligent services.

User Experience Designer

I believe that a great design only takes you so far. It gets people in the door. In order to keep them there you need to do more. You need to understand psychology and cater designs around human instincts. You need to understand the user so well that you can predict what they will do next and design an experience that satisfies that. I employ these principals in every project I lead.


  • Gamification Design - Certified in designing engaging experiences using game thinking.
  • Graphic Design - Branding & Promotional Material
  • Programming - Full Stack - Websites, Backend Solutions, API integration / creation, Content Management and more. (HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, PHP, MysQL)
  • Game Development - Design, Art and Programming (Unity3D, C#, Lua, Javascript)


Nightlings - Mobile Game

I produced Nightlings from front to back; design, animation, programming, promotional material to release. I created the game in an effort to help my son overcome his fear of monsters under his bed. (It worked) (Fun Fact: My son is the voice of the child in the game)

Freelance - Nu Edge Designs - 10 Years

For 10+ years I have worked on a wide variety of projects from small mom and pop clients to large corporations. I specialize in helping clients gain a new edge in their market by designing high quality branding, promotional design, websites, interactive applications and now innovation and creative consulting. I have helped clients establish new products and businesses, enter bold, new markets and re-establish their brand to catapult their bottom line and squash their competition.

Florida Virtual School - Innovation Consultant + Leader of Product Development Team - 7 Years

Produced innovative, forward-thinking products and services to advance online learning beyond the next 5 years. Led ideation, design, and execution to produce app experiences, games, interactive media, api services, and artificially intelligent services.

Browne Parker and DeMarinis Advertising - Digital Media Consultant - 1 Year

Led the creation of a new line of business for this non-digital ad agency. Spearheaded online development and marketing initiatives. Established guidelines for developing high quality digital media from conception to completion. Created Addy award-winning media in the first 6 months of starting the digital media division.

Virtual 3D - 3D Artist, Web Development Lead - 3 Years

Began by working as a product and environment visualization artist creating 3D renderings and animations. Moved to lead the web development efforts including development of 30+ websites for clients ranging from mom and pop shops to large corporations. During my time here I designed, programmed, managed developers, lead project management and eventually client relations.


2012 - CoDie Award for best Digital eLearning Solution

2008 - 3 Gold Addy Awards for Best Digital Campaign